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It’s the Apprentice’s Birthday

By mimi On September 8, 2009 NO COMMENTS

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, September 5th with friends. We just had a simple celebration at home.

When I was a little girl, I used to always get excited when my birthday was getting closer. I couldn’t stop talking about it and planning what to do on that day. My parents would go crazy over my ideas. One time, I thought about holding a birthday party inside a submarine with my whole family and childhood buddies. My mom just listened to me but my dad couldn’t stop laughing.

I also wondered why most adults I mingled with before didn’t find birthdays exciting. A working adult friend of mine even forgot her special day. I bought a notebook and wrapped it neatly as a gift. When I handed it to her, she was shocked. As I uttered the word, “happy birthday,” she hugged and thanked me and admitted that she forgot

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Get to know yourself once more

By mimi On August 30, 2009 NO COMMENTS

Many of us nowadays, due to advanced technology, are able to multitask. Information is everywhere, the internet, television, radio, books, etc. It is a very important tool in this generation, smart people welcome it and if you resist it, you’ll definitely be left behind.

It is so powerful and if you don’t know how to filter it, you will be lost.

The outside world and all the information we’re getting from it, can shape us. What we can do so we won’t get lost and overloaded is to look inside ourselves and listen to the voice within.

The outside forces can lead us to believe that we have to work more to strengthen our weaknesses. Yes we can do that, however, if we continue nurturing them and neglecting our true strength zone, then success won’t last.

If you know exactly and clearly what you are great at and work hard daily to harness

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Apprentice in Alabang

By mimi On August 28, 2009 NO COMMENTS

This morning, we were off to Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. My mentor was scheduled to conduct a seminar for the people behind Semiconductors and Electronics Philippines. It was a long ride.

Finally, we arrived at the Hotel after an hour and a half drive. Elaine, our contact person, received us warmly at the lobby. Unfortunately, we were not able to have our lunch because the participants were already waiting to listen to Lloyd Luna.

At the end of the talk, one of the participants asked this striking question, “Is there a shortcut to Success?”

I suddenly remembered yesterday when I was chatting with my friend, Angel. We were discussing about the possible reasons why most young and talented people “hop” from a company to another company. We realized and agreed that one of the probable reasons is the feeling of discontentment.

I know how they feel, given the uncertainty of the future, young

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Apprentice in action

By mimi On August 27, 2009 2 COMMENTs

I attended the HR Summit this morning at the Crowne Plaza in Ortigas. Last night, due to my excitement to listen to another talk of my mentor, Lloyd Luna, I slept passed midnight.

He gave another moving and inspiring presentation.

I suddenly realized my days as an employee to one of the call center companies in the Metro.

A couple of years back, during my time, the company had supervisors with attitude problems. The upper management knew about this but failed to take necessary actions. Not for long, the HR Department was receiving resignation letters daily from the agents. I was one of them who could not wait to leave them. Nonetheless, before resigning, I brought the issue to the Operations Manager to rescue the people who chose to stay. Three weeks after I left, I have known that the top performers were leaving and within a few months the account was

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Motivational speaker at a sugar industry convention in the Philippines

By Lloyd Luna On August 26, 2009 NO COMMENTS

It was a fascinating event. I was surprised by the fact that I’m addressing one of the largest industry in Philippine agriculture. When I accepted the invitation to fly to Cebu to give a motivational speech, I thought it would be just another small group.

When our plane touched down Cebu-Mactan International Airport at around 7:40 in the evening, I thought there will be a huge challenge ahead. I was about to address people who are way bigger than me in terms of age and perhaps accomplishments. Many of them, I told myself, would be even way, way richer than I am.

I waited for my service car. The driver is very polite and accommodating. I must say he is professional, too. The next thing I knew, he was dropping me off the Waterfront Hotel and Casino. He asked me to sign some documents and then I went to check in.

Checking in,

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