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Is it a problem or an opportunity?

By mimi On August 26, 2009 Under Feature Story, General Motivation

I find it amazing how people perceive challenges. I had a high school teacher who once said, “When you pray, don’t ask for more challenges, you may not like the result.” Another person, a friend of mine,  is currently worried of being unemployed because the company he’s working for at the moment is in the verge of bankruptcy.

Challenges are also known as problems for some people or as opportunities for others, and folks, the truth is,  we never run out of them.

The universe has its way to find out if we are ready to move on to another level, if we are prepared to take on bigger tasks or simply to assess if we are more than willing to play on a bigger and wider field. By having problems, our courage, strength, intelligence and faith are tested. Even our reputation can be at stake.

What do we need them for?

Growth. The bigger the problem we solve, the better we get. In reality, only few are brave enough to grow. There’s just a small percentage of extraordinary and mega successful people in the world.

I can tell you, if you decide to become your best daily, you will view problems as just opportunities for you to add value to yourself. Once you feel you’re bigger and better, subconsciously or unconsciously, you’ll be asking for more challenges. When you realize, face, and learn the lesson behind a certain problem, you will recognize opportunities which you ignored along the way.

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