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Apprentice in Alabang

By mimi On August 28, 2009 Under Feature Story

This morning, we were off to Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. My mentor was scheduled to conduct a seminar for the people behind Semiconductors and Electronics Philippines. It was a long ride.

Finally, we arrived at the Hotel after an hour and a half drive. Elaine, our contact person, received us warmly at the lobby. Unfortunately, we were not able to have our lunch because the participants were already waiting to listen to Lloyd Luna.

At the end of the talk, one of the participants asked this striking question, “Is there a shortcut to Success?”

I suddenly remembered yesterday when I was chatting with my friend, Angel. We were discussing about the possible reasons why most young and talented people “hop” from a company to another company. We realized and agreed that one of the probable reasons is the feeling of discontentment.

I know how they feel, given the uncertainty of the future, young adults are searching for the shortest way to succeed. With the advent of call centers, it is easy for them to change companies in a short
period of time.

People working in call centers are admirable, I salute them, and if they see themselves grow in other companies, they have all the right to grab the opportunity.

However, some people made it a habit to shift from one company to another with the slightest taste of problems. Some of them think that it is easier to run away from the source of the discomfort rather than face it.

Unfortunately, the universe has its way of presenting us back the problems in different situations. When we learn to solve them, we advance ourselves to the next level. If we keep on ignoring them, we stay stuck.

Most young individuals think there is a shortcut to success, but the truth is, there isn’t. Every successful person went through different stages in their lives to be where they are now. They face the obstacles with a brave heart because they perceive them as opportunities to better themselves.

Only those people who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, understand that they need to work more on themselves to attract success more often.

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